World Resources Institute Blog Graphics


From 2014 to 2019, I've helped concept and design over 100 charts, graphs, maps, and graphics for Insights, the institutional blog for World Resources Institute. Here is a sample of some of my favorites.

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Distribution of Food Loss and Waste Along the Supply Chain, by Region
Emissions Gap in 2030
Change in California GDP, Population, and GHG Emissions Since 2000
How Transport Has Changed in 10 European Cities
Highly Potent Short-Lived Climate Pollutants—Sources and Impacts
Regional Tree Cover Loss by Driver for the Period 2001–2015
Daytime Land Surface Temperatures in Delhi
Half a Degree of Warming Makes a Big Difference: Explaining IPCC’s 1.5°C Special Report
Buendia Dam, Spain: Surface Water Area Over Time
Electricity Access and Urban Population Growth Trends in the Most Populous Sub-Sarahan African Countries
IPCC’s Estimated Potential of Various Carbon Removal Approaches
Progression of Green Tariffs in the United States
These 3 countries bridged the electricity access gapbetween their urban & rural populations
Most retail wood products are not what they seem
What Are the Overlaps Between Gases Regulated for Climate or Health?
Higher Vehicle Speeds Increase Likelihood of Pedestrians/Cyclists Dying in Collisions
More than 20 countries ar reducing emissions while growing GDP
Wastewater-to-Energy System
8 Ways to Achieve Climate Action in Food and Forests
Comparison of U.S. State GHG Emissions Per Capita
Urbanization is now happening in more low-income countries than in the past
Primary Forest Loss in Brazil, 2002–2018

In addition to static graphics, I also created interactive maps and charts using Flourish

Other Projects:

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Global Commission on AdaptationMap & Infographic Design

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Globetrotting History of MetalData Visualization

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WRI Blog graphicsCharts & graphs

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Pinkwash posterConcert Poster

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