Miscellaneous Show Flyers


Over the years, I've created dozens, maybe hundreds of show flyers. This was my introduction to graphic design, making flyers by hand using scotch tape and photocopiers. I've since moved to more digital mediums, but the experimentation and freedom of form is still present. Here is a sampling of some of the flyers I've made over the years:

Fell Types show flyer
Cigarette flyer
Mt Eerie Poster
Lugweight Flyer
Mystic Inane show flyer
Psychic Subcreatures Flyer
Pinkwash animated flyer
Nuclear Santa show flyer
TMLE People Watchin flyer
Fell Types Title Treatment
Street Eaters Smash flyer
Gun Outfit Black Cat Flyer
Body Cop tshirt Artwork
Solo tape art

Other Projects:

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