How to Record Your Band


I created an explainer infographic about the recording process aimed at young musicians (age 13-18). I was a musician and played in bands throughout high school and college. The recording process always seemed really daunting, something that you had to pay a lot of money to do in a professional studio. As I had a DIY mentallity about a lot of things at the time, I spent considerable effort figuring out the process, through a combination of online tutorials and trial and error. I hit a lot of roadblocks and dead ends before I had a decent grasp of the process. I could have used a big picture overview, which covers how things plug into each other, and the general approach to recording a live band. So I designed an explainer infographic that I could have used when starting out. My only assumptions about the audience are that they are similar to where I was at 16: non-technical (some domain specific knowledge of music and instruments, but not of recording), but highly motivated.

As there is a significant gender disparity in music, especially in the recording profession, I wanted the color, type, and illustration choices to be as “gender-neutral” as possible. I wanted to make the recording process seem as accessible to anyone, so kept the language simple and non-technical. The visual styling of the illustrations is meant to be a half-way point between technical drawings and cartoons, so it would be eye-catching and engaging, but accurate enough to be useful as visual references to the real life equipment the reader will encounter while trying to record.

How to Record Your Band Infographic

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