Logo & Branding Projects


Logo design for a local dog walking company, based in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, DC. 

Bloomingdogs logo

Food Loss + Waste Protocol

A joint initiative of seven major environmental and food NGO's the Food Loss & Waste Protocol provides a consistent and scientific way of measuring and counting food that is loss or wasted across the supply chain. The logo represents that lost portion being quantified.

FLW Protocol Logo

Better Buying Lab

Run out of World Resources Institute's Food program, the Better Buying Lab does research into consumer behaviour, in order to shift habits towards plant based foods

BBL palette
Better Buying ;a

Safe Spaces Project

Safe Spaces Project is an LGBTQIA advocacy non-profit working with student groups on campuses across the country. 

SSP palette
Safe Spaces Project logo

Corporate Consultative Group

Part of the Business center at World Resources Institute, the CCG hosts roundtable discussions amongst business and corporations, in order to share best practices around sutainability. 

CCG palette
Corporate Consultative Group logo

Global Youth Service Day

An international day of volunteering, the Global Youth Service Day is run by Youth Service America. 

GYSD palette
Global Youth Service Day logo

Other Projects:

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